2:25am April 18, 2014
Anonymous asked: If you really wanna lose weight just remember to do it for you and not because some asses on anon or otherwise make you feel bad. I'm rooting for you! :)

<3 thank you. I do want to do it for me. I’m tired of not fitting into things that I love.

2:25am April 18, 2014

At the end of the day, you know what it boils down to? 


An endless cycle with no end.

"I’m so sorry, I want to get better," 

But within a brief amount of time, it becomes:

"I’m not sorry, this is how I am, I refuse to change and you shouldn’t expect me to,"

Over, and over, and over again. 

Stop the cycle, and the behavior in retaliation is the most frightening thing I’ve ever experienced. 

Knowing that it makes it worse, you kept pushing and pushing. 

It had the opposite effect. Instead of convincing me how sorry you are, it terrified me and chased me farther away. 

I wish you could understand that.

People assume that I fear for my life, and they don’t believe me when I say I don’t. I don’t fear for my life. You wouldn’t hurt me.

At least, not like that. Not when you have far more efficient ways, as you’ve clearly demonstrated in these past few weeks.

Getting my attention and demanding an answer was far more important than my wellbeing.

And, still, people marvel and wonder how I’m always so stressed, sick, and sleepless. Even now.

2:14am April 18, 2014
Anonymous asked: You are an amazing woman and you looked fabulous. Forget those people Princess!

I appreciate it. I do still want to lose weight, however. I need to. :(

2:06am April 18, 2014
Anonymous asked: Did you delete those photos of you in your dress? =( why?

Because people were giving me shit about it, that I need to lose weight.

1:16am April 18, 2014
May 24th is also International Tiara Day.

May 24th is also International Tiara Day.

10:44pm April 17, 2014

Flatmate will be gone for almost a week, so I’ll have various friends checking in over the next couple of days to make sure I’m alive and have food and water.

Today we had Tommee, a very prudish but charming lady who is very conservative and hardly ever swears. 

Until she plays super smash brothers. 

I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t call the police.

Either way, I’m laughing.

10:12pm April 17, 2014
6:30pm April 17, 2014

Audrey Hepburn on the set of ‘Roman Holiday’, 1953.


Audrey Hepburn on the set of ‘Roman Holiday’, 1953.

5:53pm April 17, 2014

Stunning embroidered collar [x]


Stunning embroidered collar [x]

2:59pm April 17, 2014


This was so much fun to draw :D I love this screencap (from sailormoonscreencaps) and have been meaning to re-draw it for a while!


1:26pm April 17, 2014

 The Most Haunted Place In The World Is For Sale

In other news, Poveglia island is going up for sale. 

Who wants to marry me and build a cozy bungalow there?!

12:52am April 17, 2014

I just heard this on some political radio show.

They were talking about, and I quote: “Out of wedlock marriages, they’re everywhere!”


10:51pm April 16, 2014
8:38pm April 16, 2014
Anonymous asked: Which, other than the Mountbatten is your favourite tiara in your collection? And also, what type of occasion would you wear the Mountbatten?

My second favorite? Easily Queen Maud’s pearl tiara!

Honestly, nowadays I only bring out the Mountbatten for major promotional events, or evening appearances (Symphony performances, balls, etc.) 

6:30pm April 16, 2014

Amethyst &amp; Diamond Brooch - Late 19th Century- Jewelry du Jour


Amethyst & Diamond Brooch - Late 19th Century- Jewelry du Jour