It’s summer in Florida and that means endless waves of giant cockroaches. One of the things you can do to keep them from coming up the drains is pouring boiling water down them.

Tonight, before I poured this massive pot of boiling water into the drains, I said, “A crown… for a king.”

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Other duck!? There's a first duck?!

There is DUCK and there is OTHER DUCK

omg. it’s other duck.


Elie Saab Fall 2014 Haute Couture

Just got served my divorce papers.

Douchebag makes literally twice what flatmate makes. 

Golly, if only I’d just stayed and got beaten and neglected all the time, I’d have it made! And I’d be skinny! 

But I also really really like how this tiara looks with my hair down. And this doesn’t really “go” with the red dress. 

I’m going to be debating this til saturday morning, you watch.

Going to have tea at the Grand saturday. Too much?

(Disclaimer: The staff of the GF already gave us the OK to come dressed like this for tea. You absolutely cannot dress like this going to the parks themselves unless it is a special event allowing it.)

ROYAL JEWELLERY || The Rosenborg Kokoshnik Tiara
Made in the 1930’s by the Danish jeweller Dragsted, The Rosenborg Kokoshnik Tiara was acquired by Prince Viggo, Count of Rosenborg for his American-born wife, Princess Viggo. As the couple didn’t have any children, the tiara was inherited by Prince and Princess Viggo’s sister-in-law, Princess Margaretha, who in return passed it on to her daughter-in-law, Countess Ruth of Rosenborg. Following her death, it was put on an auction at Bukowskis where the estimated value was placed at more than $200.000 but it did not sell. It is modelled after the traditional Russian headdress, the kokoshnik (hence the name), and consists of garnets and diamonds.
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I made one of those playlist things on 8tracks. <——click


The “Venus” dress from Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 1949 

Crystal Dream Carnival Emblem Ring - Navy

Angelic Pretty 2014


600 Gowns for 600 Followers #132

New necklace case built from a cigar box. Also repaired this particular replica after flatmate dropped it on concrete and the pearls broke off.


Robe à la française ca. 1765

From the De Young Museum

La Luna, now with straps and bustle. And new, nicer photos. (view of the dress with train let down here)

(La Luna is one of my own designs, professionally made by a bridal company. It is not for sale.)